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Tell us all about you

The way you live is the key to good design

Let us help you find interesting solutions

to the residential interior goals you have in mind

Good interior design begins with listening, so start talking. Once we get to know you, we'll marry our 20-plus years of experience to your budget and your lifestyle. Whether you're doing that once-in-a-lifetime remodeling project, or are just redoing the bath, you'll find the talent and the resources right here in Holland.

Design is not just about the right rug

DesignWorks Interiors is your resource

    During your consultation, expect to be asked a variety of    


  • How is space used in your home?

  • What are the traffic patterns?

  • Are you retired or do you have children?

  • Do you have to care for pets?

  • Are your goals short-term or long-term?

Think of us as your one-stop-shop. Anything to do with residential interiors - from remodeling to reupholstering, from floor tile to wall coverings - is available here. You don't need to run off to the big city anymore.


Our 2 designers and our staff are committed to working with you through any buying decision, or through the whole design process!

We've been making Holland-area homes

more beautiful

since 1993.

Talk to a designer today!


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